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 (Foretold by Lentes)

"I've dreamt of being a legend. A legend wherever I go; with whatever I decide to do and if I have to. You know that shit isn't easy. Takes dedication. It takes courage. I've focused so much on this goal that I lost myself. I wanted to be a legend so bad; decisions were made even against my principles/ morals. At this moment of self awareness; of self hate, I discovered that to be a real legend you must always be yourself. You must follow your path even when every other motherfucker is driving in the opposite direction. You being 'born' is the gift, the value in life. Your value is much greater than gold. The 'legend' in you must be found. The choices you make, the purity of your heart. Your willingness to achieve greater than what we've been taught. You'll know then you're a legend...it has to be found within you.

This piece is created to promote a higher state of awareness towards your gift and the purity in you heart."

A high quality (13"x19") design printed on a glossy, thick poster paper. Handmade design.