Cesar Plascencia

Peace. I'm the Founder and Owner of Elevated Thoughts. I'm also the lead designer for the brand; creating designs that have a profound meaning in order to provide dope, original artwork while also sparking thought. 

Growing up as a graffiti writer, I learned the importance of expressing myself creatively and freely at an early age. As I got older, I began finding out the truth about the world we're living in today; government corruption, corporate greed, mass incarceration of black and brown people, police brutality, etc. On top of that, there's also a lot of negativity promoted through music, movies and other forms of media. Out of this Elevated Thoughts was born. To combat negativity with positivity. To promote values that are essential to life. To help create a better tomorrow.

I love all forms of art; especially emceeing, stencil, lettering, photography and realism. I gain inspiration from just about everything and anything. I was born in Sylmar, CA but grew up all over Los Angeles and have been in Las Vegas, NV since 2006. I love the Hip Hop Culture because not only did it uplift my mind; it also saved my life.

Growing up in my teens I was on a path of self destruction; heavily drinking, doing drugs, getting arrested, being kicked out of school. Growing up poor, bullied and misunderstood I took my anger out on everything else, not realizing that I was only hurting myself and my family. With Hip Hop and guidance of close friends I found knowledge of self and realized that I don't have to become another statistic.

With a redefined purpose in life, my duty now is to uplift minds the same way I did; through Hip Hop, positivity and graffiti. I've also vowed since to create an everlasting, positive impact on society to be an inspiration to my son and for the rest of the children, as they are the leaders of tomorrow.

My advice for people that want to elevate their state of mind is to read. By reading you open your mind to a whole new perspective. Hope you enjoy the page, stay elevated!