About Us

The world we live in is full of senseless violence, political corruption, corporate greed and living by immoral values and/or means. We're here to combat it by exposing it and promoting positivity. This negativity may have always existed throughout history; but now is our time to rise up against it. We are a collective of artists aiming to uplift minds through our brand. We want to inspire people to think and live beyond their perception and their beliefs; pushing boundaries and comfort zones. Our ultimate goal is to help people become better selves and help them achieve their true potential. By rejecting the norm of today, we can help create a better tomorrow. 

Core Values






We consider these as our core values because it embraces the essence of what our brand stands for; more importantly, they are essential to life. We believe these values are slowly disappearing in today's society.


We are a thought-provoking streetwear brand influenced by the Hip-Hop Culture; aimed at uplifting minds through positivity. We strive to create societal changes by encouraging the pursuit of knowledge, expressing creativity, promoting truth, living by honor, cherishing family and life. We want to mentally enrich the lives of people; not only for themselves, but also to help solve the problems of their communities as well. We aim to break our boundaries and reach our highest potential; encouraging everyone to do the same. Our goal is to never stop growing our perspective and knowledge in order to influence individuals to do the same, in hopes of creating and impact on society and encouraging everyone to heighten their state of mind to help make the world a better place; socially, economically, and environmentally. We are the Elevated Thoughts Clothing.

Thanks for reading and supporting the movement. Peace and love. Stay safe and stay elevated.


- Cesar Plascencia

Owner & Founder