Lentes GFSxAWI

First official graff writer that has contributed to the brand; Las Vegas' own Lentes! He has created two designs for Elevated Thoughts: Script and Third Eye. Be sure to cop some gear and learn more about him with this questionnaire!

  • This is Lentes G.F.S A.W.I. I destroy shit but sometimes I make beautiful art.  Grew up in HP Cali but reside in Las Vegas. I'm simply a family guy with the heart of a vandal.

Do you see yourself as an artist? If so, why or why not? 

      • Yes, I feel that an artist is someone that loves bringing things to life. I love bringing my ideas to life.

      What does “creativity” mean to you? 

          • Definitely originality. Which nowadays is fucking rare. Not saying you can't get inspired by others but don't completely take their style.

          When did you first realize your need to create something? 

              • Oh man, I've always created ever since I can remember.

              What are your routines or ‘rituals’ before you create?

                  • Usually I just make sure all my adult responsibilities are fulfilled. Peace of mind is my ritual.

                  In your opinion, what role do artists’ play in society?

                      • Society has become very fragile. Artist make sure their minds remain open even if they don't want to.

                      What is your goal when creating your art?

                          • Keeping things interesting. To make the mind question what you believe. Keeping your mind open.

                          What impact would you like your artwork to make?

                              • Fuck. I want my art to make people question their every decision made. But I also want it to make them feel comfortable like a teddy bear you hug at night when you're scared. Its complicated.

                              What does Elevated Thoughts mean to you?

                                  • Elevated Thoughts means more than sparking up a joint. That's only the first step to a good journey. Mostly, being elevated is understanding we are all humans. The same species. Being aware of the true evil.

                                  What’s the best advice you have for others to elevate their minds?

                                      • LOVE. Love yourself. Love nature. Love your mom. Just enjoy the little things. Fuck materialism. K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Stupid)