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According to Merriam-Webster, 'uplift' is defined as 'to improve the spiritual, social, or intellectual condition of'. For this design, it's an arrow pointing upward with the words "Elevate Your Mind" embedded. Although this is a metaphorical phrase, this design was created in order to promote the need for us all to improve morally, intellectually, and culturally; by raising our minds to a higher state. Reading, learning, experiencing all play a vital role in 'mind elevation'. By us elevating our minds, it can have a positive effect on society; by becoming more intelligent, informed, creative, knowledgeable, wise, and aware of ourselves. 

Durable, high quality vinyl sticker; 4'x4', clear and contour cut

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                  Small     Medium     Large     XL     2XL     3XL  

    Chest       18            20             22        24      26        28

    Length     28            29             30        31      32        33


                      Small       Medium         Large          XL           

    Chest           18              19                20.5           22

    Length         25              26                  27            28

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