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Ash Gray

From reading and writing, to drawing, painting, and even exercising; you expand your mind through experience in those activities. Exercising releases chemicals, such as endorphins, that help reduce stress, while reading reduces stress as well and strengthens your brain; writing, reading and painting enhances creativity and helps with coordination. Named after Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five's classic track, The Message was created to promote knowledge and wisdom. With that being said, how do you elevate your mind? 

Made of 50% Cotton/ 50% Polyester. Preshrunk. Tag-less t-shirt label print. Handmade design.  Woven label sewn on the bottom of product. Product images shown in size Small.

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Chest       18            20             22        24      26        28

Length     28            29             30        31      32        33


                  Small       Medium         Large          XL           

Chest           18              19                20.5           22

Length         25              26                  27            28

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