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In graffiti, crews create acronyms and come up with multiple names that define their crew. The acronym for our brand ET is Elevated Thoughts so we infused both letters to create this design. The Elite Team hat was made to promote the elevated lifestyle. Not to be associated with wealth; we mean elite in a spiritual, mental, and emotional sense. Those who are elite are intellectual, creative, possess emotional intelligence, and have knowledge of self.

Hats made of acrylic/wool/spandex with a 3D embroidery on the front. Size fits most. Also contains 'Elevated Thoughts' embroidered in White on the back right of hat; 1.5"x.75" or our brain logo. 

(Note: Older designs have 'Elevated Thoughts' embroidered on the back of the hat. Newer designs have our brain logo on the back of the hat)

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