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by Cesar Plascencia November 19, 2018 1 Comment

What's up my Elevated peoples? First off, the title of this blog is dedicated to Gang Starr's 'What I'm Here 4' off of their Moment of Truth album. Rest in peace to the Gifted Unlimited Rhymes Universal, my all-time favorite MC. Also, I'd like to say thanks to those continuously supporting the brand, helping spread the word and representing this lifestyle brand. There's many goals; both business and personal that I'd like to share with you in hopes of inspiring you whether you know where you're going or if you need a little motivation to find yourself. So, let's begin this shall we?

What's the brand's purpose and existence? Well, Elevated Thoughts is destined to be the premier lifestyle brand. Noticed how I didn't mention Hip Hop? Because although I give credit to the Hip Hop Culture for changing my life for the better, Hip Hop has also opened my mind to so many other genres of music. MC's have created music intertwined or were influenced by other genres, such as blues, reggae, rock, jazz, etc. So, with this wisdom I've attained from Hip Hop, I've learned not to limit myself and neither will this brand be limited. Influenced by Hip Hop, but is ultimately a lifestyle brand for everybody from all walks of life. Designs will be made that have been influenced by different genres of music as well.

The future is bright for Elevated Thoughts because it's a collective of artists sharing their creativity and perspective on what it means to live elevated. It's also a lifestyle of people that live above the average. What do I mean by 'above the average'? In my opinion, one who thinks above the average isn't controlled by psychological forces other than their own will. The person who has self control or is at least working towards having complete self control. One who doesn't immediately believe what he/she is told by the news or what they read on social media and other outlets. One who is working towards becoming a better self through reading, meditation, exercising, promoting positivity. One who focuses on their family and friends instead of celebrities, idolizing and worshiping others rather than oneself. When you're conscious of the violence, misogyny, toxic masculinity, sex and drugs that is saturated in movies, music and the media so much to negatively influence our behaviors and yet still remain unaffected. One who isn't selfish and thinks only about themselves, one who has morality and character; who won't sell their soul for money or materialistic things. This list can go on forever.

If you can relate to one or more of these, I'm glad you're here and I'm glad I can share this lifestyle I'm promoting through Elevated Thoughts. That's one of the reasons why I named the brand as such; to give the brand life. The last 5 years of my life have revealed so much to me of the world we live in. Corruption. Greed. Selfishness. Violence. I was fed up with the bullshit so that's when I decided to create the brand. Combining my passions; art, life and Hip Hop. I've also realized that I enjoy journalism. When I began attending CSN (College of Southern Nevada) back in 2012 I began doing research papers and, turns out, I really enjoyed doing it. Especially because I found out a lot about Corporate America, marijuana's medical benefits, the U.S Government, etc. Besides these blog series I started; some of which includes extensive research, I also plan on creating designs that shed truth on corruption by corporations and the U.S. Government as well. So, part of the brand also includes a little bit of journalism because some of the designs I or other artists create will be through factual evidence and research that I personally have conducted and/or will conduct.

Those are a few of the main goals for Elevated Thoughts. Personal goals? Shit, I have quite a few as well. I believe I'm a good father to my 6 year old but I strive to be better. Get married? One day. I want to become a positive role model for the youth. Inspire people so they know that success and entrepreneurship is possible, no matter where we're from. I haven't achieved entrepreneurship or success yet, but I'm slowly working my way there and being an example. Some are comfortable with a nine-to-five job; and that's okay, I'm not knockin' anybody down for it. But me? I crave more than that. I'm stepping out of my comfort zone to become who I want to be. An entrepreneur. To do what I love to do and make a living off of it; which is art, Hip Hop and journalism. Also, I want to have the freedom to do what I want when I want. Take a day off. Take a week off and still have a steady income as well. To travel whenever I feel like it, to be involved in speaking engagements and positively motivate, inspire and encourage people. Ultimately I want to create a legacy for my son and future generations. I want to make a positive impact in society. I want my voice to be heard in the world. 

So that's my destiny. That's what I'm here for. What are you here for? Share your thoughts with us in the 'Comments' section below; let us know what you believe your destiny is and let us know what you thought of this blog. Stay tuned, and Stay Elevated y'all. Until next time!

Cesar Plascencia
Cesar Plascencia


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Cameron Mullen
Cameron Mullen

December 17, 2018

Theres pretty much just words that sum up this one of a kind art master.
Heart. Passion. Loyalty. Care. Kindness. Dedication and Commitment.
Cesar really has the gift of natural talent that he has willingly chose to share and spread Elevates Thoughts to each and everyone of us who live in this world and are here for one reason. To join hands and come together and help make the world not only a better place for us and our children but to live as happily and free for as long as our journey entitles us to. We only live once. So keep your spirits and heads held high with Elevated Thoughts.

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