Elevated Thoughts' Latest: Quarter 3 Edition

by Cesar Plascencia August 03, 2020 1 Comment

Peace and welcome to Elevated Thoughts' Latest Blog: Quarter 3 Edition! I'm Cesar; owner of Elevated Thoughts and I'll be breaking down the latest news I have on the brand for you guys. First off, I'd like to say thanks for checking out the blog; your support is one of the reasons why I persevere so much in this pursuit to make Elevated Thoughts the premier lifestyle brand. If you haven't already, be sure to sign up to our newsletter for sneak-peeks on upcoming releases, notifications on upcoming discounts/ blog releases; best of all, EXCLUSIVE discounts for our subscribers! To subscribe, head on over to our homepage and sign up on our pop-up screen. You'll also receive 15% off your first order! If you're having trouble with the pop-up screen, send me an email to cesar@elevatedthoughts.co or send us a DM via Instagram, Facebook and all that other good stuff. Without further ado, let's begin!

New Releases

We have new products coming soon; beginning with Elevated Thoughts facemasks! We'll be introducing them in mid-August and will be available for $10 USD. Due to our brand's (slow, but) steady growth, we decided to introduce a combined seasonal release, rather a release every season. A combined seasonal release will still introduce new designs and products without the cost and hassle that comes with seasonal releases. Once our business is more profitable, better equipped and have more space, we'll introduce seasonal releases. Until then, we'll be releasing twice a year: Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter releases. Our 2020 Fall/Winter release will be in between both seasons; Saturday, October 31st! Included in this release will be 2 designs in a variety of colors for tees and hoodies. We also have sticker designs and smoking trays we plan on releasing so stay tuned!


Upcoming Discounts/ Specials


Fall Sale (September 20-22)

The last sale of this quarter will include some of our items at discounted prices; probably your favorite design so be sure to cop some discounted elevated gear when the opportunity comes!


Woven Labels

If you've purchased one of our earlier designs, such as Out for Fame (aka Calligraffiti), The Message and Stakes Is High, you know about our woven labels sewn on the bottom of the product. We love that label, as it's a way of promoting the brand, regardless of what the design on the tee might say. But, as of 2020, we stopped getting those labels sewn on our newer releases simply because of the high cost to produce them and have them sewn in. If you're planning on ordering a shirt or hoodie and want to know if there's a woven label on it, you can check either through the picture of the product or the product description; if the product has the label sewn in, it'll mention it on the description and if you don't see anything about a label, it's not on that particular product (references shown below). We hope to bring those labels back to our products by 2024; with an even better design too!



The last topic of this blog, but certainly not the least is COVID-19. The pandemic is definitely too long to discuss in it's entirety on a blog post (unless it's a dedicated blog post) so we're just going to have a quick breakdown of what we've been doing during these times to ensure your products are virus free. We created a COVID-19 resource guide that contains tips on how to help protect yourself and others, and also a chart on confirmed cases broken down by states/ countries. Unfortunately, I tested positive for coronavirus on July 11th. A few days earlier I began feeling symptoms of a cold; headaches, fever, sneezing, and diarrhea. I'm definitely grateful that I only had minor symptoms though. I stopped going to work and immediately quarantined myself. 2 weeks after I showed symptoms I felt much better, but according to the 2 following COVID-19 tests that I've taken, I was still testing positive for coronavirus. Since then, I've tested negative but I believe that either I was asymptomatic had coronavirus but show no symptoms) or the tests I was being given are inaccurate.

According to the FDA, there are three types of coronavirus tests. Antigen, antibody and molecular testing. Molecular and antigen are known to be more accurate, but do not guarantee a definitive active coronavirus infection. An antibody test only detects present antibodies in your immune system. Antibodies are created by your immune system as a defense to fight off infections and viruses. A positive result from an antibody test can mean either you have coronavirus or you've had it in the past.

Back to the brand though; rest assured, the Elevated Thoughts products are kept in a separate room and were packaged pre-pandemic. To ensure your safety, we first put a facemask on and wash our hands. We then throw on a fresh pair of latex gloves, which we dispose of properly after packing orders for the day. We use disinfecting wipes to gently wipe the plastic bag where the shirt is contained. The shipping bag we use to ship orders is also wiped down. Afterwards, we pack the bag and done; order is ready to go! We care about your safety as we do ours and we hope this brought you some relief on what we're doing to help stop the spread of this virus.

That's about it for our Quarter 3 Edition of Elevated Thoughts' Latest; I hope you stay safe and stay elevated. Remember to not believe everything you read or see in the media and always remain aware of everything happening both at home and abroad. 

Peace and love,


Cesar Plascencia
Cesar Plascencia


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August 12, 2020

Yo! Great info and a nice blog. Stay safe, stay blessed!

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