Elevated Thoughts' Latest (2020 Q1 Edition)

by Cesar Plascencia February 05, 2020 1 Comment


Welcome to our first 2020 edition of Elevated Thoughts' Latest; if this is your first time reading these blogs, we release these every couple months (every quarter going forward) to give everyone insight on what we've been up to lately, what we're currently working on and what we have planned next for the brand. This covers everything that ranges from events we plan to vend at, brand changes, price updates, upcoming releases and so on. With that being said, let's get to it! 

New Logo

If you didn't know, now ya know! During the last few months I began working diligently on creating a design that would define the brand more; a design that would give life to the name 'Elevated Thoughts'. This design actually originated from when I was going through a rough time, I was heartbroken and to take my mind off of it, I just began drawing. Shortly thereafter, I came up with the idea to make a new logo with a brain. It's crazy how inspiration comes to us sometimes. I hope you like the new logo as much as I do! Besides the logo change, I've been pretty busy with planning and designing for our upcoming...Spring 2020 Collection! Yup, you read that right!

Spring Release

We have a couple of products we're planning on releasing on the first official day of Spring Equinox; Thursday, March 20, 2020. This will be our first major release of different products and designs so we're definitely more excited than ever. These products will be two t-shirt designs in 3 different colors (different colors for Women and Men), two stickers, one hat design in different colors and we're working on getting wooden key chains done as well! The best part is that all of these releases are brand new designs!


 Spring Giveaway 4/1/20-4/4/20

1. Follow us @elev8dthoughts on Instagram

2. Tag 3 people (not including yourself or the same person)

Winner will be announced 4/6/20

Shirt Material Switch

We've been looking into switching our shirt materials; going from 50/50 cotton/polyester blend to 100% cotton. The 50/50 blend works perfect for us but the one issue we face; the collar is thin. Our personal preference is a thick collar (Pro Club style) as is the preferences of the majority of our customers. We held a poll on Instagram this past January and received an 85% preference of a thick collar as opposed to our current thin collar. Unfortunately there are no companies that manufacture shirts made of 50/50 cotton/polyester blend that also have a thick collar. We will be conducting more research on this so stay tuned.

Design Name Changes

Along with all these changes we're doing with the brand, we're also renaming all of our designs after songs or albums that were inspired by them or songs/albums that have a correlation to the design. This will be done to introduce customers to music they're not familiar with; also to give customers insight into what songs our artists listen to. Of course, we mostly listen to Hip Hop but as the brand expands we will introduce designs that are inspired by different genres of music, being that we are a lifestyle brand and not tied down to one genre of music. However, we will always pay homage to the Hip Hop Culture for showing us how to expand our state of minds. 

Elevated Thoughts Podcast

Shout out to Sam Webber representing Oklahoma City, Oklahoma! Sam started the Elevated Thoughts Podcast long before he met me or knew about the brand. When we first linked up, everything clicked as if we've been boys for a long time. The Elevated Thoughts Podcast, just like the brand, is about uplifting your state of mind; anything ranging from sports, family, cannabis, Hip Hop, interviewing and networking with other entrepreneurs. We'll be working closely together to get more elevated content your way, in another medium through podcasts. Be sure to check the Elevated Thoughts Podcast and follow Sam's Instagram by hitting the link.


 Last but not least, the References tab on our Menu! I personally enjoy reading articles on issues that are happening here at home and abroad; I also enjoy sharing whatever it is that I read to the people! It's good to stay on top of what's going on around the world, as everything that happens can and will affect us. What I would do before is take screenshots of the article title and source, which I'd then post on our Instagram Stories. We used to add the link to our Bio but since we read articles every day, it became time consuming changing the website back and forth; so with the References tab, I'll still take a screenshot of the article and post it on Elevated Thoughts Stories.The only difference now is that I have the opportunity to share the title, source and link of the articles I read through the References tab. Hope you guys are enjoying that, it's full of insightful information from reputable sources too! Hit the link to check it out!


This pretty much sums up everything I've been up to with the brand. Wherever you're reading this from, be sure to support your local artists, businesses and entrepreneurs. Enjoy life, it's too fuckin' short to be upset all the time. Balance your energy, know that if you're unhappy you always have the power to change your life. Hope you enjoyed this blog, if you have any questions, concerns or just wanna drop your opinion drop a comment below! Until then, stay tuned and stay elevated!

Cesar Plascencia
Cesar Plascencia


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Sam “The ARCHer” Webber
Sam “The ARCHer” Webber

March 05, 2020

One of the dopest Websites/blogs in the galaxy! 🏹

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